Who We Are

Valley Vista Healthcare Center is a 72 bed skilled live-in nursing facility located in Los Angeles County in North Hollywood, California. As a healthcare provider we offer our residents stimulation, individualized programs designed to provide comfort, security, safety, and freedom in a warm, caring, and homelike atmosphere. We strive to understand the individuality of each person and we are committed to providing quality care. Our integrated team of professionals helps residents recover to their optimum level of independence.

Why Choose Us?

You may be asking yourself, what exactly is Valley Vista Nursing & Transitional Care, and how can I benefit from this kind of treatment? Essentially, a our care facility is a long-term hospital and inpatient rehab facility that specializes in hospital after-care services. Our facility is geared specifically towards individuals on medicaid who have already been admitted to a local hospital under medicaid coverage and who require continuing care for the same issues.

We pride ourselves in providing and catering to individual needs as part of patient’s plan of care. We strive to provide great comprehensive care for our patients which is why we offer extended services including dietary services, specialized care, diagnostic x-ray imaging, and continual outdoor physical exercise and activities. To us, all of these aspects work together to offer the best healing experience possible for our patients. That's why we work with you to provide excellent care as healing is not only your priority, but ours as well.

Meet Our Staff

Seymour Davidson

Doctor Davidson has been in the nursing care industry for 12 years. His care and expertise is excellent.

Craig Bartlett

Doctor Bartlett is an expert in nursing nutrition and wellness. His comprehensive care is excellent.

Alex Rubinstein

Doctor Rubinstein is a highly trained occupational therapist; his care guarantees fast results.

Everybody Needs a Helping Hand Occasionally

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