Dietary Services

Our dietary experts can help set our patients on the correct course of nutrition to assist in our standards of comprehensive care. Every patient's meals are tailored to meet their dietary needs to expedite in recovery and improved condition. When it comes to nutrition and metabolism, we check every patient's vitals to ensure that every aspect of their care including the food that's going into their bodies, is setting them on the correct course for full recovery and mobility.

Outdoor Activities

Another aspect of our comprehensive care system is ensuring overall health and wellness through diet and exercise regimens including, but not limited to, physical therapy, yoga, daily walking, aerobic and anaerobic stretching, and light weight resistance training. These extra measures and opportunities are implemented to ensure excellent overall health during their stay at our world-class facility.

Skilled Nursing

We know that every patient that walks into our healthcare center is unique with their own set of circumstances and needs; that's why we specialize our care based around the requirements that each patient presents us with. Our policy of comprehensive care includes factor such as care, therapy, medical attention, and the chance to socialize and flourish in a long-term live-in care scenario. We work with you to provide great care as healing is not only your priority, but ours as well. We can't wait to help you on your road to recovery during your stay at Vista Valley Nursing & Transitional Care.

Memory Care

Valley Vista is experienced in alzheimer's and dementia care, providing around the clock care for all levels of memory disorders. You can ensure the safety and care of your family members when they're admitted to Valley Vista, as our comprehensive care policies cover every aspect of life of our patients and residents. Our memory care staff will individually assist your loved one in treatment and therapy, ensuring they're living a great life. In addition to this, our facility offers daily exercise and social opportunities for our residents to socialize and communicate in meaningful ways. We have a great happiness rating of residents compared to many other transitional care facilities.

Everybody Needs a Helping Hand Occasionally

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